Thursday, July 17, 2014

Story Teller's Welcome!

Hi all,

Thanks for joining the Story Teller's Tavern. We're here to create awesome stories and create portfolio pieces! Let's have a good time doing it and keep it real.

Meeting place:
mainly online. use Google Hangouts or Skype
please download the appropriate software. I recommend Google Hangouts because it's multi-person friendly. with Skype we can't share screens unless the host has a paid account. Please download the Google Hangouts desktop app.

Meeting times:
Once a week on Saturday or Sunday nights (I'd like to get a vote one this before we move on)

We're going to follow Tron's method of 4 weeks to develop a completed storyboard.

week 1: LOCK system, story outlines
week 2: Character Development
week 3: Roughs
week 4: Final Draft